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About Laridae CIC


Laridae has its roots going back to 2009 with the establishment of the Advocacy Rights Hub. The Advocacy Rights Hub was developed as a separate wing of a local charity, Liverpool Citizen Advocacy, itself established since 1992. The intention was always to establish the service, build its capacity for self-governance and then transform it into a separate company free to develop further in response to the ever-increasing needs for our services. Having gained 3 years' experience of increasingly successful service delivery and having become integral to many developments, initiatives and local strategies, the moment was reached where an independent identity was both essential and timely. Laridae C.I.C. was formed as the vehicle for this.

What does Laridae mean?

When we first started setting up our CIC we had to come up with a name. We came up with lots of ideas, some of which we liked but were already taken and some of which we didn't like! We were based in an office on the 7th floor of a building which overlooked some rooftops. Every year, seagulls would nest in the chimney stacks, and at around the same time each year, tiny seagull chicks would start to appear. We'd look out of the window and watch them grow until they were big enough to fly the nest. We decided to name the company in their honour! Laridae is the latin word for the seagull family.

Laridae also stands for Liverpool Advocacy Rights Information Development and Equality - and relates to some of the key aims and values of the company.

About us

Laridae CIC is a social enterprise committed to giving people the information that they need on services, activities and help, to allow them to make decisions about their lives, health and care.

We were registered as a company in 2012 and in 2013 we were awarded the tender to deliver the information element of the new Healthwatch Liverpool service.

In 2015 Laridae and LCVS bid in partnership for the newly unified Healthwatch Liverpool contract which extended our responsibilities to gathering feedback about local health and social care services and using this feedback to ensure that services are the best they can be.

Other projects we have been responsible for include the creation and maintenance of the Wellbeing Liverpool directory.

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