Health information for Students in Liverpool

Here's where you can find all the information you needs to stay well while you're studying in Liverpool in 2019/20.

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Image of a banner on the University of Liverpool campus reminding students to register with a GP

Register with a GP and find an NHS dentist

GPs are your first point of call for most health issues. You'll need a GP in Liverpool for prescriptions, referrals, sick notes and general health care. Depending on where you're living - whether on campus in halls of residence or in private accommodation - we've collected useful information about your nearest GP and dental services.

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banner images promoting vaccinations for MMR and meningitis

Get vaccinated

If you haven't had your MenACWY or MMR vaccinations then it's important that you arrange to have them and help to protect yourself and those around you.

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image of GP talking to a young man

Mental health and wellbeing services

There are lots of services available to help students who are having a tough time with their mental health; from your university's own wellbeing or support team to local NHS counselling services. We've created this page to give you some options if you feel like you need some support with your mental health or if you're in a crisis.

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sexual health liverpool logo on blue background

Sexual health services

Find out about how to access a range of sexual health services in Liverpool - from advice, contraception, STI screening to pregnancy testing and counselling.

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Drink less enjoy more campaign image - in style of whatsapp chat

Drinking safely at Uni

You're away from home for the first time - you can stay out as late as you want, do whatever you want.  The last thing you want is for a nasty incident to spoil your new-found freedom. Who wants a drunken university night out ending with lost phones, purses, wallets, or worse a fight or even a visit to A&E.

To be really safe, students also need to take responsibility for themselves and their mates. So on a night out, there are just a few really easy steps you can take to make sure the night goes off without incident.



Image of student health information translated into Chinese

Information for Chinese students

For 2020 we've updated our flyers providing information translated into Chinese aimed at students who are new to the city.

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