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Although most people using the health service are happy with their care and treatment, things can sometimes go wrong. If you're not satisfied with the service you've experienced from a hospital, doctor, dentist, local surgery or other NHS provider, you are entitled to complain about it.

We can help you make this complaint, by providing a free, confidential and independent service designed to help you understand your rights and make informed choices.

We can help you to:

  • explore the options available at every stage of the complaints procedure
  • provide confidential support from someone who is independent of the NHS
  • write effective letters to the right people
  • prepare for meetings and maybe even go with you
  • contact and speak to third parties if required

For more information, or to discuss your NHS complaint, get in touch.

Tips and tools for making a complaint

NHS Complaints Self Help Information Pack

This guide provides an introduction to the NHS complaints process as well as explaining other options that are available to you if you are not happy with any aspect of your NHS care.

Download (PDF)

Writing and sending an NHS complaints Letter


NHS Complaint Letter Template


What to expect from a Local Resolution Meeting

A Local Resolution Meeting is often offered as part of the complaints process, to provide an opportunity to answer any questions or allow further discussions or explanations face to face. This guide lets you know what to expect and how you can prepare and get the most out of your meeting.



Accessing Medical Records

This guide talks you through your rights if you want to access your medical records or those of someone  you care for.


The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman 

This guide explains what you can expect if you escalate your complaint to the Paliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, the second and final stage of the complaints process.


Other Useful Agencies

While making your complaint, you may want to pursue other outcomes which lie outside the NHS complaints process such as disciplinary action. This short guide provides information about which organisations to approach and gives a brief outline of their role.

Download (PDF)

How can an Advocate Support me?

This guide explains what our NHS Complaints Advocacy team can do to support you with your complaint.

Download (PDF)

'Help with NHS Complaints' information pack

Download the complete Healthwatch Liverpool 'Help with NHS Complaints' information pack containing each of the files listed above.

Download (ZIP)

Adult social care complaints

Our NHS Complaints Advocacy service can't help you with complaints about adult social care services.

However, Healthwatch England have produced some straightforward advice that will guide you through the process, from knowing who to talk to, top tips on what you need to do and what you can expect from services in response. 

Read their complaints advice