BBC Two's 'Hospital' shines a light on patient stories in Liverpool

We've blogged about the hit BBC documentary series 'Hospital' as its enlightening look at Liverpool's trusts has drawn to a close.
image of some of the staff featured in BBC Two documentary Hospital

If you’re anything like us, Thursday evening for the past few weeks has meant sitting in front of the telly watching tuned into BBC Two’s ‘Hospital’.

If you’ve missed it, the fourth series of Hospital has been filmed across Liverpool’s six hospital trusts. Over six episodes, we saw the challenges facing our hospitals on a day-to-day basis; from the impact of the collapse of Carillion on the move into the new Royal to the shortage of staff in some specialist areas.

We also saw some of the amazing life-saving and life-improving procedures that take place in Liverpool every day.

Through telling the stories of individual patients and their families, viewers all over the country have been getting an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of our local NHS services. There’s still time to catch up on iPlayer

But now it’s Thursday again and there are no more episodes! The good news is that production company Label1 have announced that there will be a fifth series*. They, like us, know that there are still many stories to tell about hospitals in places like Liverpool.

So what can you do to fill the gap in your TV schedule? We’d like you to tell us your stories of how the NHS in Liverpool has touched your life over the past 12 months. Hospital has brilliantly illustrated the power that telling your story can have. By sharing your story with us, you’re helping us to be able to highlight good practice and areas for improvement with people who plan and buy services in the NHS.

With your stories we can help improve services for everyone. As Hospital has shown, there’s so much to be proud of in Liverpool. Whether we’re hospital staff, patients, family or friends, we all want our NHS services to be the best they can be.

* Edit: a previous version of this blog stated that Label1, the production company behind Hospital had announced that series 5 would be filmed in Liverpool. This was down to a misunderstanding of this tweet. We have been informed that no decision on the location of series 5 has been made.

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