Share your experiences of the impact of Covid-19 on your Mental Health and Wellbeing

Survey launched to hear what the impact of the pandemic has been on people in Liverpool's mental health and wellbeing.
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The Covid-19 pandemic has had many impacts on all of us since March 2020. Some of these impacts have been on our physical health, whilst others have been on our mental wellbeing. Mental health has been amongst the biggest issues that people have raised with us over the past year and we are interested to know more about your experiences.

One way you can help us is by completing our survey. Everything you tell us is anonymous and will be treated confidentially. The information we gather from the survey will be used to inform mental health service providers, commissioners and decision-makers to improve local support, service provision and policy – based on the experiences and needs of people living in Liverpool.

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As well as collecting information from this survey, we are planning to hold a series of focus groups and one-to-one interviews to gather more in-depth feedback. If you would like us to contact you about taking part in a focus group or one-to-one interview, please enter your contact details by clicking the link at the end of the survey. 

All reports based on the information that you share with us will be available at on our website in the coming months.

Our volunteers - Ann, David, Elizabeth, Hannah, Jodine, Marie, Olivia and Rio - appear in our video explaining a bit more about the project and how sharing your experiences in our survey will help make services better for everyone in Liverpool.

Take our Mental Health and the impact of Covid-19 survey

How has your mental health and wellbeing been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic? Complete our survey & let us know! We'll be sharing responses with service providers and commissioners to improve local support, service provision and policy.

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