Our work with Care Homes in Liverpool

One of our key areas of work for 2018-19 is looking at Care Home provision in Liverpool.
image of an area of a care home decorated as a library

Care homes in Liverpool face a number of challenges ranging from financial constraints to concerns about quality of care.

At Healthwatch Liverpool, we want to make sure that care homes are in a position to deliver the best quality of care for their residents as possible. That means hearing from care home residents and their friends and family about what they like about their home and what they feel could be improved.

It also means helping care homes to share and learn from the best practice of other care homes in the area.

One way we try to do this is through our 'Enter and View' visits. This is where our team of trained, authorised representatives visit a care home to see and hear how services are provided. We collect the views of residents and their relatives while also observing the nature and quality of services.

The team then collates their evidence based findings into a short report which is shared with providers, care regulators like the Care Quality Commission (CQC), local care commissioners, Healthwatch England.

The reports are also published here on our website for you to read. Click here.

The visits aren't inspections - we're there to give a voice to residents and to help services make improvements where necessary.

Some of the ways we help care homes improve:

  • Our activities guide - a booklet aimed at activities coordinators which suggests a range of low-cost, easy to implement activities to keep residents engaged and active
  • Providing recommendations to make sure that care homes are dementia friendly
  • Sending a periodical 'Care Home Bulletin' to care home managers to highlight some of the good practice we've seen during recent visits

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