Broadgreen Hospital Listening Event Report - November 2017

Find out what patients and their families told us about Broadgreen Hospital when we visited in November 2017.
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On Thursday 2nd November 2017 Healthwatch Liverpool and Healthwatch Knowsley visited Broadgreen Hospital, part of the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospitals NHS Trust, to gather patient and visitor feedback.

The aim was to get as much independent patient and visitor feedback as possible between 10am-4pm on wards and in outpatient areas of the hospital.

Most patients that we spoke to during the Listening Event were very positive about their experiences at the hospital, especially about the staff, and the care, services and organisation provided.

Though overall it was clear that most patients appreciated the work done at Broadgreen, some suggestions were made for improvements. This included comments made by patients about parking and communication.

When patients were asked if they felt that staff had enough time for them and other patients, a majority of patients said that they felt that staff did have enough time. However, although staffing levels were safe on the wards, several patients felt that staff were under some pressure. The perception that staff are under pressure is not unique to Broadgreen Hospital, as similar feedback has been received at every hospital trust
we have visited this year


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Broadgreen Hospital Listening Event Report 2017

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