Alder Hey Hospital Listening Event Report May 2018

Find out what patients and their families told us about Alder Hey Children's Hospital when we visited in May 2018.
Front cover of Alder Hey report


On 24 May 2018 we visited Alder Hey Children's Hospital and spoke to patients and their families about the care that they receive there.

We made the following observations and recommendations:

  1. Some people think there needs to be more parking
  2. Some people think there needs to be more variety in
    the cafe
  3. Some people think there needs to be more toys
    available and more entertainment options for older
  4. Some people think there should be better cooking
    facilities on wards, especially for parents whose
    children are inpatients for a long time
  5. Some people think that the sofa beds on the wards for
    visitors are not comfortable for sleeping
  6. Some people in both ward and outpatient areas found
    noise levels to be an issue


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Alder Hey Listening Event Report 2018 with response from the Trust