Broadgreen Hospital Listening Event Report - November 2018

Find out what patients and visitors told us about Broadgreen Hospital when we visited in November 2018.
Front Cover of the Broadgreen Hospital Report


On 27 November 2018 we visited Broadgreen Hospital and spoke to patients and their families about the care that they receive there.

Of the people we spoke to and who answered the relevant questions:

  • 79% made positive comments about the caring and friendly approach of the staff
  • 98% felt they had been given enough information about their treatment
  • 86% felt that staff had enough time to care for them and other patients
  • 91% would give Broadgreen Hospital a 4 or 5 star rating with an average rating of 4.49 stars out of 5
  • 81% felt that the hospital was accessible
  • Nearly 1/3 had not been given an estimated date of discharge


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Broadgreen Hospital Listening Event Report 2018

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