Liverpool Women's Hospital Listening Event Report - March 2019

Find out what patients and visitors told us about Liverpool Women's Hospital when we visited in March 2019.
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On 19 March 2019 we visited Liverpool Women's Hospital and spoke to patients and their families about the care that they receive there.

Of the people we spoke to and who answered the relevant questions:

  • 93% would give Liverpool Women’s Hospital a 4 or 5 star rating with an average rating of 4.43 stars out of 5
  • 90% felt they had been given enough information about their treatment
  • 89% felt they had been kept involved in decisions or discussions around their treatment
  • 83% felt that staff had enough time to care for them and other patients


Overall, people are happy with the service they receive from the hospital. People particularly appreciate the dedication of the staff and volunteers and are aware of the pressures the on the NHS in terms of staffing levels.

It is encouraging to see that the Trust is combatting issues such as the fact that the hospital can be hard to navigate in certain areas, by allocating staff or volunteers at points where they might be most needed (e.g. self-check in points at the entrance of the outpatients area). We hope that the Trust continues to be open to the feedback they receive from their patients and address issues raised.

Communication could be improved in certain areas, such as appointment letters being sent out in a more timely manner. There also seems to be a need for more consistency with the quantity and quality of information that is shared with patients, especially for those that have to see multiple staff members or are moved frequently.


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Liverpool Women's Hospital Listening Event Report - March 2019

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