Focus Group Mini-Report: COVID-19 Testing and NHS Track and Trace

On October 15th 2020, we ran an online focus group for members of the public on the topic of COVID-19 Testing and NHS Track & Trace. Read our mini report to see what people told is about during the focus group!
A cartoon graphic of some test tubes.

In October, we ran an online focus group to hear from Liverpool residents' about their experiences of testing for Coronavirus/COVID-19 and the NHS Track and Trace system. As a Healthwatch, we were aware of local and national news stories about difficulties some people had accessing COVID-19 testing, and about the effectiveness of NHS Track and Trace. We wanted to hear more from people in Liverpool about their experiences of COVID-19 testing and NHS Track and Trace.

This mini-report, available to download at the link below, is a summary of feedback that people shared with us during our online focus group. 

This focus group took place before the introduction of mass testing for COVID-19 in Liverpool, and doesn't include any feedback about the mass testing programme.

We'd like to thank everyone who came along to the focus group for their time and their feedback!


Focus Group Mini Report - COVID Testing and Track and Trace

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