Young Adults’ Attitudes to the COVID-19 Vaccine in Liverpool - 2021

Read our report exploring the attitudes of young adults in Liverpool to Covid-19 vaccination in 2021.
Front cover of Young Adults' Attitude to Covid-19 vaccine report

Considering developments within the vaccination roll out, with programmes being opened up to under 25s, we sought to gain an insight into the thoughts and opinions of this group. Our engagement was undertaken through a combination of focus groups and an online survey. The survey was launched in early June 2021 and ran until late September 2021. We additionally ran focus groups at the start of July 2021 with young-adults all aged 16-25. 

We wanted to know:

  • Whether young people would take up the vaccine when offered within their respective age group
  • Why they did or didn’t want to take up the vaccine What sort of information sources or people influence their decisions?
  • Whether any practical/perceived obstacles would influence their decisions
  • Whether someone’s background/ life circumstance might influence their decision to take up the vaccine and why

Our report offers a snapshot of views of young people ahead of the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccination for children and young people.

Learning from the conversations that we had with young people in our focus groups combined with the responses to our online survey led us to make the following recommendations:


  1. Myth busting information should be developed to directly address issues surrounding future fertility.
  2. Vaccine promotional materials should include elements of ‘getting back to a normal life’ as part of their key messages
  3. Information should be targeted at both young adults and their parents/carers.
  4. Designated, coproduced literature, marketing materials and social stories for young people with learning disabilities that can be cascaded to all Primary Care Networks and education settings
  5. Vaccination teams to support children and young people with additional needs and their families to feel reassured and able to make an informed decision about the COVID-19 vaccination.
  6. Advertise/ensure that young adults should feel safe at vaccination centres


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Young Adults’ Attitudes to the COVID-19 Vaccine in Liverpool Report - 2021
Summary of Young Adults’ Attitudes to the COVID-19 Vaccine in Liverpool Report - 2021

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