Our vision

We want a health and social care system that works for everyone.

Our Values

We are a community-led organisation which takes a bottom-up approach to our work:

  • We empower local people to have their voices heard on issues relating to health and social care;
  • We value equality, diversity and inclusion and work to make sure that all communities in Liverpool are represented in our work;
  • We work with everyone in an empathetic, confidential and non-judgemental way;
  • Our work is evidence-based and collaborative. We work closely with other organisations which share our values;
  • We are independent and not afraid to challenge decisions when they are not in the interests of local people;
  • We are transparent and open in everything we do and we are accountable to the community.

Our Mission

To the Community

  • To provide accurate, up-to-date information about local health and social care services, through our information service and the Live Well directory;
  • To link people in with groups, activities and services to improve their health and wellbeing;
  • To provide guidance and support to people making a complaint through our NHS Complaints Advocacy service;
  • To help make people aware of their rights when using health and social care services;
  • To engage with all communities in Liverpool to share information and capture feedback;
  • To work closely with partner organisations to share knowledge and strengthen local networks;
  • The opportunity to contribute to our work, and gain new skills and experiences through volunteering;
  • Empowering people to be involved in improving local health and care services
  • The opportunity to give honest feedback about local services, whether good or bad, to help shape change and improve standards;
  • A membership scheme to allow local people to influence our work and priorities.

To providers and commissioners

  • To provide honest feedback from people who have experiences of health and social care services to help identify what is working well and what needs to be improved;
  • To help identify gaps in service provision based on feedback;
  • To help ensure local people are properly consulted in relation to all aspects of commissioning, particularly less heard from groups and those who face health inequalities;
  • To help identify and share best practice;
  • To promote awareness of the community assets within the city, particularly small
    community groups that might otherwise be overlooked.


Healthwatch Liverpool Vision, Values and Mission - November 2019